Friday, February 20, 2009

What's Hot in the House Next Week?

Monday 2/23/09
10:00am on the Floor – We are scheduled to be on the floor all day, but that is still not a certainty. We’ll keep you posted and send the bills to be considered as soon as we can.

Tuesday 2/24/09
1:30pm in Capital Budget
Public Hearing: SHB 1007 – Establishing a sustainable energy trust bond.

1:30pm in Transportation
Public Hearing: HB 1978 – Concerning economic stimulus transportation funding and appropriations.

1:30pm in Ways & Means
Public Hearing:
SHB 1355 – Establishing the opportunity internship program for high school students.
SHB 1727 – Expanding the rights and responsibilities of state registered domestic partners.

Wednesday 2/25/09
8:00am in Education Appropriations
Public Hearing:
SHB 1162 – Providing for social emotional learning in public schools.
HB 1075 – Enacting the interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children.
HB 2021 – Revitalizing student financial aid.
SHB 1813 – Regarding establishing and meeting graduation and reengagement goals.

Friday 2/27/09
8:00am in Human Services
Work Session: Adolescent Brain Development and the Juvenile Justice System.