Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's Hot List

There's a lot going on today, including a joint press conference at 12:15 with Rep. Deb Wallace and Senator Kilmer to discuss their higher education agenda. We have word that TVW plans to be there so tune in.

8:00am in Education Appropriations
Work Session: Implementing proposed reductions in higher education in 2009-11 - University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington, University, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Evergreen State College, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Higher Education Coordinating Board.

8:00am in General Government Appropriations
Public Hearing: SHB 1165 – Providing for the safe collection and disposal of unwanted drugs from residential sources through a producer provided and funded product stewardship program (Rx recycling program).

8:00am in Health & Human Services Appropriations
Work Session: Health reform concepts related to state-purchased health care.

10:00am in Higher Education
Public Hearing: HB 1946 – Regarding higher education online technology.

10:00am in Education
Public Hearing:
HB 2119 – Expanding dual credit opportunities.
HB 2147 – Closing the achievement gap in order to provide all students an excellent and equitable education.
HB 2167 – Providing flexibility in the education system.

1:30pm in Health Care & Wellness
Public Hearing:
HB 2117 – Modifying the basic health plan.
HB 2128 – Concerning health care coverage for children.

1:30pm in State Government & Tribal Affairs
Public Hearing:
HB 1731 – Revising the rules for designation of party preference by partisan candidates.
HB 1798 – Allowing voter registration up to and on election day.

3:30pm in Capital Budget
Work Session: Energy Efficiency Construction and Renovation: Potential projects and the effect on jobs, homeowners and businesses; cost savings; and weatherization.