Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today's Hot List

8:00am in Judiciary
Public Hearing:
HB 1663 – Creating relocation assistance rights for nontransient residents of hotels, motels or other places of transient lodging that are shut down by government action.
HB 1766 – Prohibiting discrimination based on lawful source of income.
HB 1773 – Concerning certain notice requirements when terminating month to month or other periodic residential tenancies governed by the residential landlord-tenant act.

10:00a.m Floor Action
A few bills to note on today's docket include the latest vote on our Early Savings Bill,
ESHB 1694.The House must concur with the latest version that includes Senate amendments.

Also of note are a couple weatherization and energy efficiency bills, HB 1004 and HB 1060.