Friday, February 20, 2009

Rep. Springer fights to protect homebuyers against construction defects

In an effort to protect homeowners from a growing trend in new home construction defects and provide homebuyers with legal remedies and additional resources, Rep. Springer (D-Kirkland) introduced House Bill 1393.

“There’s a strange anomaly in our law that you have more protection for purchasing a toaster or a car than you do for the major purchase of your life,” said Rep. Jamie Pedersen, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

House Bill 1393 addresses residential real property construction improvements through consumer education, warranty provisions, contractor registration requirements, and worker certification standards.

House Bill 1393 was voted out of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. Next, it will go to the House Ways & Means Committee. A similar bill was also heard in the Senate Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection Committee yesterday.

“I am very pleased that the legislature has taken a significant step toward providing homebuyers the protections they deserve against poor home construction,” Springer said. “My hat is off to all the stakeholders who have worked so hard for the past three years to craft legislation to deal with this very controversial issue. I look forward to this bill becoming a law so that homeowners will receive the protection they deserve.”

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