Monday, February 16, 2009

Governor Gregoire signs first bill of the session, House Bill 1906, flanked by some of the cutest kids you'll ever see.

Just returned from the Governor's signing of House Bill 1906, increasing benefits for unemployed workers by $45 a week.

At the press conference was Rep. Steve Conway, the bill's sponsor, along with Reps. Phyllis Kenney, Tina Orwall, and Speaker Frank Chopp, who drove home the point that this bill is not only an economic stimulus,it's a moral victory for our state's workers.

Also speaking at the event was Heather Reeber who recently lost her job due to the economic downturn. Heather explained what $45 a week could mean to families like hers facing tough times, which could mean food on the table and heat in their home. Heather's a mother of four of the most adorable kids you'll ever see, Brianna, Gavin, Brandon, and Kaitlyn, as evidenced in the slideshow.

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