Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's concurrence time!

Today the House will begin the concurrence process for House bills that have been amended by the Senate. (See #6, here, for explanation.)

We also have a lot of committee activity going on:

8:00 am HHR D Higher Education
Work Session:
Teaching Excellence in Higher Education: award winning faculty members share their work.

3:30 pm HHR A Ways and Means
Public Hearing:
SHB 2033 - Consolidating arts and heritage programs for the purpose of streamlining government and improving efficiency.

HB 2043 - Increasing state revenues by allowing the sale of liquor-related products in state and contract liquor stores and by creating a pilot project for the colocation of contract liquor stores in grocery stores.

HB 2057 - Limiting payments for health care services provided to low-income enrollees in state purchased health care programs.

HB 2065 - Regarding the allocation of funding for students enrolled in alternative learning experiences.

HB 2069 - Concerning hospital payments.

HB 2070 - Determining average salary for the pension purposes of state and local government employees as certified by their employer.

HB 2072 - Consolidating revenues into the general fund.

HB 2073 - Concerning the contribution rate for the health care benefits for certain home care workers.

HB 2074 - Changing functions of the higher education coordinating board.

SB 5119 - Canceling the 2012 presidential primary.

ESB 5638 - Concerning the exemption of flood control zone districts that are coextensive with a county from certain limitations upon regular property tax levies while protecting other levies from pro-rationing.

ESB 5907 - Implementing the policy recommendations resulting from the national institute of corrections review of prison safety.

3:30 pm HHR B Transportation
Public hearing:
ESSB 5742 - Providing funding and cost saving measures for the Washington state ferry system. (If measure is referred to committee.)

Exec session:
ESSB 5251 - Concerning electric vehicle license fees.

HB 2053 - Concerning additive transportation funding.

For information on these bills, go here and enter bill number.