Friday, April 15, 2011

In the House today

The House will continue the concurrence process this morning beginning at 10.

Additionally, fiscal committees will continue work on bills necessary to implement the budgets:

8:00 am Capital Budget
Public Hearing: HB 2020 - Relating to funding capital projects (hearing is on the proposed substitute by Rep. Dunshee)

Possible Executive Session: HB 2020 - Relating to funding capital projects.

10:00 am Floor

3:30 pm Ways and Means

Public Hearing:
1. HB 2083 - Concerning funding for the construction of a ferry boat vessel with a capacity of at least one hundred forty-four cars.
2. Bills referred to committee.

Possible Executive Session:
1. HB 1131 - Regarding student achievement fund allocations.
2. SHB 1132 - Reducing compensation for educational and academic employees.
3. HB 1548 - Concerning the implementation of long-term care worker requirements regarding background checks and training.
4. SHB 2033 - Consolidating arts and heritage programs for the purpose of streamlining government and improving efficiency.
5. HB 2043 - Increasing state revenues by allowing the sale of liquor-related products in state and contract liquor stores and by creating a pilot project for the co-location of contract liquor stores in grocery stores.
6. HB 2057 - Limiting payments for health care services provided to low-income enrollees in state purchased health care programs.
7. HB 2065 - Regarding the allocation of funding for students enrolled in alternative learning experiences.
8. HB 2069 - Concerning hospital payments.
9. HB 2070 - Determining average salary for the pension purposes of state and local government employees as certified by their employer.
10. HB 2072 - Consolidating revenues into the general fund.
11. HB 2073 - Concerning the contribution rate for the health care benefits for certain home care workers.
12. HB 2074 - Changing functions of the higher education coordinating board.
13. HJR 4219 - Addressing the state's long-term pension obligations.
14. SB 5119 - Canceling the 2012 presidential primary.
15. ESB 5638 - Concerning the exemption of flood control zone districts that are coextensive with a county from certain limitations upon regular property tax levies while protecting other levies from pro-rationing.
16. ESB 5907 - Implementing the policy recommendations resulting from the national institute of corrections review of prison safety.