Monday, March 25, 2013

Main Street businesses: Close tax loopholes, invest in future

It’s not every day that a business group calls on legislators to resist budget cuts, raise revenue and invest wisely to boost the economy and fuel consumer demand, but Monday was one of those days.

“We need customers – not cuts!” a coalition of small-business owners from across the state said in a letter hand-delivered to Rep. Reuven Carlyle of Seattle in the Legislative Building. “We believe it’s time to refocus our political debate on generating revenue to create the investments we need to support small businesses,” the letter said.

The letter called for closing tax loopholes for big corporations or adopting new revenue measures in order to raise money for health care, education and infrastructure. It was signed by more than 170 members of the Main Street Alliance.

“We believe that an economy works best when everyone pays their fair share,” the letter said. “When essential public services are cut, our economy suffers, people lose their jobs and small businesses lose our customer base.”

The letter was delivered by Consuelo Gomez of Marty K Comprehensive Facilities Maintenance in Bellevue, Tiffany Turner of Adrift Hotel and Inn at Discovery Coast in Long Beach and Don Orange of Hoesly Eco Automotive in Vancouver.

Carlyle has long advocated for increased accountability for tax loopholes granted to businesses and industry sectors. As chair of the House Finance Committee, he is working this session to make sure that the exemptions are linked to measurable economic benefits.

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