Friday, March 22, 2013

Fey to help steer our transportation system

Gridlock, traffic jams, freight immobility -- this is the stuff of road outrage. Drivers and passengers stuck in highway congestion aren't getting home to their families. Farm products and industrial goods snarled in traffic jams aren't getting off to their customers.

But changes are looming in Washington’s transportation system, including the ways Washingtonians pay the tab for it. And a newly-elected Tacoma lawmaker is joining a crucial panel charged with keeping a close eye on the whole thing.

State Rep. Jake Fey was recently selected by Washington State House of Representatives Speaker Frank Chopp to a seat on the state Transportation Commission steering committee   

"I'm honored and eager to join the important work of this panel," Fey said yesterday. "I know that before the commission makes any moves toward recommendation, we need to make sure Washington's six and a half million citizens know what's what in any current and proposed strategies for paying this transportation tab."

The entire press release is here.

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