Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday, March 30, Traveling Town Hall: Perhaps a small step toward a healing

All of us -- as parents, as children, and as fellow members of our Seattle and Washington and American neighborhood -- grieve over the terrible, very recent accident involving a motor vehicle hitting pedestrians on a street in North Seattle.

Two people were killed, and two others were very critically injured. They were innocent pedestrians, minding their own business and simply crossing a road not far from our community's Eckstein Middle School. Though we don't know for sure, as the police investigation is ongoing, it does look as if the driver was severely impaired by alcohol or other drugs.

In the very neighborhood of this awful tragedy, Representative Gerry Pollet will host the latest in his series of Traveling Town Halls Saturday morning, March 30, from 10 to noon.
The Town Hall will happen at Top Pot Donuts, 6855 35th Avenue Northeast (between 68th Street and 70th Street). Rep. Pollet and constituents will talk about proposals for stronger DUI laws, of course, as well as other issues. As we endure the aftershock of yet another grievous heartbreak, perhaps coming together in this way, as a community, can be a small step, a little fragment of help toward a healing.