Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Globalization: Washington cows, Italian food, Korean customers

Moo:  Washington's dairy exports are increasing
Although it ranks 10th in the United States in milk production, Washington exports more dairy products than any other state except California. A big part of the reason? The appetite in Korea for pizza, with oodles of cheese topping.

That’s the story reported by the Tri-City Herald, which notes that state dairy exports increased by 35 percent in the last few years to attain an annual total of $461 million in 2011. Much of the demand comes from Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia, which suggests a growing taste for milk and cheese in cultures in which those foods are not traditionally a major part of the diet. With its Pacific ports, Washington is well positioned to satisfy the growing market.

The heart of Washington dairy country is the Yakima Valley, one of the largest-producing areas in the nation.

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