Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classic win-win: Bill boosts 'back-to-school' sales-tax holiday

​Sometimes, everyone's a winner.

Case-in-point: State Rep. Jim Moeller's House Bill 1329 would set up a "back-to-school" sales-tax holiday for a few days every summer right before classes kick off. Moeller's idea is to relieve folks from having to pay the state sales tax on school items they buy on the second Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in August. The bill would exempt, for that big school-shopping weekend, clothing items under $100 and school-supplies under $10.

Moeller points out that at least a dozen other states provide their citizens and businesses a break from their sales tax for a couple of days a year. He said he's met with small businesses and other retailers, as well as city and county officials to develop his bi-partisan legislation.

Calling it a "people's tax break," Moeller says it's an especially appropriate idea for border counties. Businesses in Clark County, where Moeller's district is located, lose millions of dollars a year in revenue to their Oregon competitors.

The measure now awaits a hearing in the House Finance Committee.

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