Monday, April 16, 2012

It’s all about the kids

Providing the best education possible is a necessary step in preparing our children for the future. But a top-notch education isn’t the only thing children require to become successful adults. The final budget passed by the Legislature addresses these concerns.

Apple Health for Kids provides healthcare coverage for over 500,000 Washington children. There are still many more children in our state who are eligible for the program – but they just don’t know it! This year, the Legislature provided $1 million to aid Apple Health for Kids in getting the word out, connecting thousands of more children across the state with the care they need to grow-up healthy.

State Food Assistance helps parents put food on the table for approximately 12,500 Washington children. This year, the Legislature continued funding the program, with no additional cuts – none! How can we possibly expect our children to thrive academically when they are running on empty?

Finding affordable, quality childcare is an issue troubling many Washington families, inhibiting parents’ ability to stay at work and provide for their children. The Working Connections Child Care program was not only spared from any further cuts, but the Legislature actually reversed the cuts made last year! This means more parents can stay at work, knowing their children are safe and supervised.

Children are the future of Washington and we need to make sure they have the skills and support they require to thrive in the years ahead.