Friday, April 13, 2012

Great news for STEM, aerospace, and transportation

Sine Die (take two…) has finally come and gone. The hard work by House Democrats’ these past few months has paid off in big ways. As was discussed in this blog post, funding education was one of our primary goals for the 2012 session. A few highlights include:
  • HB 2159, SB 5982, and HB 2156 - these bills will go a long way toward supporting STEM education, as well as enhancing educational programs which support Washington’s competitive aerospace industry.
Photo credit: BotMultiChillT
  • Research institutions and community colleges statewide will be seeing additions of upgraded equipment in their facilities ensuring Washington’s students are trained in the most cutting edge technology and tools.
  • HB 2190, SB 6445, and SB 6444 - respectively, these bills address immediate & future multimodal transportation needs, retain Washington’s eligibility to receive millions of federal dollars ($850M to be exact!) towards the Columbia Bridge Crossing, as well as ensuring users of the SR 99 tunnel will help to foot the bill for the project.

As it turns out, the Association of Washington Businesses was pretty pleased, as well – see for yourself!