Thursday, April 19, 2012

House Democrats continue to find ways to streamline government

Rep. Sharon Wylie
Why does everything always have to be so darn complicated?

Well, things just got a lot simpler thanks to House bill 2452, sponsored by Rep. Sharon Wylie from Vancouver, which consolidates the state’s procurement process of goods and services and allows state agencies to be more open and transparent.

Stipulations in this new law enable the state’s Department of Enterprise Services to streamline their purchasing practices.

DES announced yesterday they are reducing their standard product list from 60,000 items down to about 3,600. DES is also increasing the availability of environmentally, locally-made products, such as Georgia-Pacific paper manufactured in Camas, WA.

According to an article in the Olympian, the director of Enterprise Services said “the new procurement law brings all state laws and rules for more than $1 billion in state purchases into a single place, allowing standardization of practices.”

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