Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HDC core values: fund education, create jobs, protect the safety net

The House Democrats’ primary goals these past few months were to pass a budget which funds education, higher education, and saves the safety net – and that’s exactly what we did.

Since last October, our number one priority has been to get Washingtonians back to work by passing the Jobs Now package – and that’s exactly what we did.

Knowing how important Jobs Now is to families in Washington, we did not let the opposition in either the Senate or the House stop us from putting 20,000 people back to work.

House Democrats fought tooth and nail for three years to eliminate the tax exemption for big, out-of-state banks – and this year, that’s exactly what we did.

The War on Women was dangerously close to entering Washington due to efforts to slash family planning grants, Working Connections funds, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. House Democrats know how important these programs are and fought to make sure they remained intact – and that’s exactly what we did.

These past few months have not been easy, but the challenge was worth it to protect education, save the safety net, and get over 20,000 Washington residents back to work.

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