Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's Hot List

10:00am in Commerce & Labor
Public Hearing: HB 1528 – Prohibiting certain employer communications about political or religious matters.

10:00am in Ecology & Parks
Public Hearing: HB 1819 – Design of a cap and invest system in Washington.

10:00am in Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Public Hearing: HB 1382 – Expanding the DNA identification system.

1:30pm in Finance
Public Hearing: HB 1387 – Repealing nonresident exemptions from tax on retail sales.(Note: Despite what some may think, the repealed sales tax exemptions do not include sales of boats or motor vehicles)

3:30pm in Capital Budget
Work Session: Joint Legislative School Construction Funding Task Force.
Public Hearing: HB 1618 – Concerning community and surplus schools.

6:00pm in Commerce and Labor
Public Hearing: HB 1906, based on Governor's Unemployment Insurance package.