Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rep. Upthegrove is ready for prime time

Tonight’s episode of The Impact on TVW (airing at 7 and again at 10) will feature Rep. Dave Upthegrove (Des Moines), chairman of the House Ecology and Parks Committee.

He’ll discuss the governor’s cap and trade bill (HB 1819), which he is prime sponsoring in the House. The segment will also include Rep. Shelly Short, freshman Republican and ranking minority member of the Ecology & Parks Committee.

Yesterday, over 50 people came from points near and far to testify on HB 1819 in a public hearing that lasted nearly three hours.

Rep. Upthegrove described the standing-room-only hearing as “democracy in action,” with everyone from paid lobbyists to ordinary grandmothers turning out to speak for or against the legislation.