Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Katie's Law" mom urges passage of Miloscia DNA bill to save lives

Some House members wept openly as Jayann Sepich described the brutal murder of her daughter and how "Katie's Law" could spare other mothers the agony she has suffered. Sepich came from New Mexico to tell the House Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee that legislation proposed by Rep. Mark Miloscia (D-Federal Way) would save lives, prevent rapes and other brutal crimes, and exonerate the innocent.

"You have the opportunity to recommend legislation that has the power not only to solve crimes, but to prevent crimes and save lives," Sepich testified.

Miloscia's legislation (House Bill 1382) seeks to expand the state DNA database by taking DNA samples from persons arrested for felonies and other serious crimes.

As an example of how Miloscia's proposed law would save lives, Sepich showed that if the bill had been enacted in 2005 it would have prevented Anthony Dias from committing at least 8 brutal rapes in Washington state--including rapes of two sisters, ages 13 and 15, as their mother, bound and gagged, was helpless to protect her daughters.

"DNA helps us to protect the innocent and catch the bad guy," Miloscia said.

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