Thursday, February 12, 2009

State Rep. Jeff Morris to meet with Sidney mayor, hash out ferry compromise

State Rep. Jeff Morris will head to Sidney, B.C., tomorrow in an effort to implore city officials there to approve a compromise deal with Washington State Ferries (WSF) over current lease rates at their terminal.

The high lease rate at the Sidney ferry terminal is a major factor in WSF’s decision to propose the elimination of the Anacortes-Sidney run. Morris believes an agreement with Sidney officials would go a long way in showing a good faith effort to reach an agreement and save the run. “I know Sidney was frustrated with WSF in getting a lease deal done but the current deal is just not going to work if we want to continue this run.”

In order to save the Anacortes-Sidney run, Morris will be fighting the battle on two fronts: Negotiating a more equitable lease rate with the Sidney city government, and fighting back WSF’s proposal to eliminate the run as a cost-cutting effort.

Added Morris, “I’m hopeful the Mayor and city officials of Sidney will be receptive to revisiting the lease deal and work with us to save a vital link between our two countries. We need actual evidence of a partnership. Talk will not secure a future for this run.”