Tuesday, February 10, 2009

106-year old advocates for senior citizens

Marianne Jones of Lake Forest Park may have set a record when she came to Olympia to advocate for continued state support of adult day health programs.

Marianne is 106 years old.

Even long-time legislators and staff could not remember an advocate coming to Olympia whose advice reflected the experiences of 106 years.

"I was thrilled to meet Marianne and to hear her support for adult day health programs," said state Rep. Maralyn Chase. "Her involvement is truly uplifting and energizing to supporters of the program like myself, and will make any opponents think twice about the value of the service."

Chase emphasized that the early-action budget proposed by the state House of Representatives preserves adult day health programs, which were on the chopping block in Gov. Chris Gregoire's first budget proposal. If Chase and the House get their way, the program will continue to serve senior citizens until at least the end of the current budget cycle and possibly far into the future.

Chase said she is guardedly optimistic about the long-term prospect of state funding for adult day health services.

"Having inspiring allies like Marianne Jones and her daughter Dianne certainly helps," Chase said.

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