Friday, February 13, 2009

Next Week's Hot List

Next Friday is cutoff for House policy committees, so most of their time will be spent in executive sessions. There are still a few hot hearings and work sessions, though. We’ll also add floor action to the daily updates here so check back often.

Monday 2/16/09
130pm HHR C - Community & Economic Development & Trade
Work Session:
Washington State’s Green Economy Jobs Initiative.

130pm HHR A - Judiciary
Public Hearing:
HB 1581 – Requiring a minimum of three years’ notice on closures or conversions of mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities.

330pm HHR B - Transportation
Work Session: Project briefings:
1. U.S. 395 North Spokane Corridor.
2. Columbia River Crossing.

Public Hearing:
HB 1947 – Concerning the regulation and preservation of urban streets through a local option street utility.
330pm HHR A Ways & Means

Work Session:
Governor’s proposal to reinvent government and eliminate boards and commissions.

Tuesday 2/17/09
800am HHR A - Education Appropriations
Work Session: Implementing proposed reductions in higher education in 2009-11.
1. University of Washington.
2. Washington State University.
3. Western Washington University.
4. Central Washington University.
5. Eastern Washington University.
6. The Evergreen State College.
7. The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.
8. The Higher Education Coordinating Board.

800am HHR C - General Government Appropriations

Public Hearing:
SHB 1165 – Providing for the safe collection and disposal of unwanted drugs from residential sources through a producer provided and funded product stewardship program.

800am HHR B - Health & Human Services Appropriations

Work Session:
Health reform concepts related to state-purchased health care.

1000am HHR D - Higher Education

Public Hearing:
HB 1946 – Regarding higher education online technology.

1000am HHR A - Education

Public Hearing:
HB 2119 – Expanding dual credit opportunities.
HB 2148 – Implementing strategies to address the achievement gap.
HB 2167 – Providing flexibility in the education system.

130pm HHR A - Health Care & Wellness

Public Hearing:
HB 2117 – Modifying the basic health plan.
HB 2128 – Concerning health care coverage for children.

130pm HHR D - State Government & Tribal Affairs

Public Hearing:
HB 1731 – Revising the rules for designation of party preference by partisan candidates.
HB 1798 – Allowing voter registration up to and on election day.

330pm HHR C - Capital Budget

Work Session:
Energy Efficiency Construction and Renovation: Potential projects and the effect on jobs, homeowners and businesses; cost savings; and weatherization.

Wednesday 2/18/09
800am HHR A - Judiciary
Public Hearing:
HB 1663 – Creating relocation assistance rights for nontransient residents of hotels, motels or other places of transient lodging that are shut down by government action.
HB 1766 – Prohibiting discrimination based on lawful source of income.
HB 1773 – Concerning certain notice requirements when terminating month to month or other periodic residential tenancies governed by the residential landlord-tenant act.

Thursday 2/19/09
330pm HHR B - Transportation

Work Session: Project overview:
1. State Route 520 Bridge.
2. State Route 520 Tolling Implementation Committee.