Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today's Hot List

8:00am in Local Government & Housing
Work Session: Report to Legislature – Land Use and Climate Change Advisory Committee.

Noon in Senate Hearing Room 4
Press Conference featuring Reps. Jamie Pedersen, Marko Liias, and Jim Moeller: HB 1727-Expanding benefits and rights in domestic partnerships

1:30pm in Education
Public Hearing: HB 1356 – Providing for career and technical education opportunities for middle school students.

1:30pm in Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Public Hearing: HB 1385-Modifying provisions related to sexual misconduct by school employees (remember the recent story about the Hoquiam teacher and 18-year-old student?)

6:00pm in Education Appropriations
Work Session: Basic Education Finance Task Force report.

Public Hearing: HB 1410 – Creating a comprehensive system of public education programs, finance and accountability (the BIG basic ed funding bill)

6:00pm in General Government Appropriations
Public Hearing: Increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and/or exploring areas for additional cost savings within the State Parks & Recreation Commission, the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Puget Sound Partnership.