Friday, December 5, 2008

Schual-Berke seeking greener pastures among Kiwis

Rep. Shay Schual-Berke is busily packing up what's left of her Olympia office and preparing to leave the Legislature after serving the 33rd Legislative District for more than 10 years. But she isn't settling down for a life of leisure in Des Moines. Rather, she's venturing to distant lands with her husband who recently accepted a job in - where else? - New Zealand, of course.

When asked what she'll miss most about life as a legislator, Rep. Schual-Berke said it will probably be the buzz and excitement of being part of policy discussions that really matter.

"I'm really proud of the things I was able to do here," says Rep. Schual-Berke. "Whether it was advocating for the children in our welfare system, helping people without access to health care services, folks victimized by payday loan schemes... I've always tried to fight for the underdog."

But retiring from the Legislature will give Rep. Schual-Berke an opportunity to watch her children as they grow into young adults and enjoy new adventures with her husband. Perhaps she'll even have time to enjoy some of New Zealand's increasingly popular wine!