Friday, December 5, 2008

Retiring members start bidding farewell

This week is Assembly Days and legislators are in town ramping up for the 2009 session. For members looking ahead to retirement, however, this is the week they come to say farewell to their colleagues and pack up their offices. Before they head off into the sunset, however, we thought we'd try to capture some parting thoughts and words of wisdom. Starting with Rep. Fromhold...

Rep. Bill Fromhold from Vancouver is retiring after serving four terms. He's going to pursue a business partnership with his wife, Marcia.

About his time in the Legislature, he says:

I have appreciated the rare opportunity to serve in the capacity I have, especially on the Education Appropriations, Appropriations, and Capital Budget committees. Working together with my colleagues and staff to get things done for the people of Washington has been both a gratifying and humbling experience. I may be moving on, but I know the good work will continue.