Monday, April 22, 2013

Need to know: Annual report on Washington courts

The recently released Caseloads of the Courts of Washington report contains "data from the state's Judicial Information System," as well as "a detailed overview of the level of activity in the courts of Washington." 

Information is included in the report for every Washington Superior Court and most every Washington District and Municipal Court.

Information in this "Caseloads of the Courts of Washington" report is reviewed all the time by state Rep. Ross Hunter and other budget-writers. Hunter's striking amendment to Senate Bill 5034 that was passed out of the House the other day, 54-43, and sent back over to the Senate is crafted upon this very type of real-world information.

Budgeteers use these and related past and present details -- as well as, the estimates of future needs contained in the caseload-forecast reports.