Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zero, zip, nada driving fatalities for teens ages 16 - 17 in first half of 2012

While teen driving fatalities were up nearly 20 percent nationally in the first half of 2012, here in Washington no lives were lost behind the wheel among 16- and 17-year-old drivers.
That's according to the preliminary Teenage Driver Fatalities by State Report released today by the Governors Highway Safety Association.
The good news might have something to do with the fact that Washington has the highest seat-belt use rate in the nation.
Or perhaps it's because last year 46 schools across our state signed up for the Distracted Driving grant project offered by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and State Farm Insurance. Program Manager Jonna VanDyk said they expect about twice as many schools to participate in 2013.
Whatever the reason, we're lifting our water/soda/juice glasses and cheering "hear, hear!" for Washington's smart teen drivers.

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