Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recognizing our national heritage

The day after Thanksgiving will become much more than just a day to start holiday shopping and eat leftovers if a measure approved by the House makes it through the Senate next month. 

Washington took a big step toward becoming the latest state in the nation to officially designate every Friday after Thanksgiving Native American Heritage Day when the House approved HB 1014 by a vote of 93-4 earlier last week.

In 2008, then President George W. Bush signed a joint resolution by Congress in 2008 designating Friday, Nov. 28, 2008 as Native American Heritage Day. In 2010, President Barack Obama proclaimed November 2010 as Native American Heritage Month, and called for the country to celebrate November 26, 2010, the day after Thanksgiving, as Native American Heritage Day. As a reult of these presidential actions, several states have taken action to adopt the holiday on a permanent basis.

The measure's prime sponsor, Rep. John McCoy, stressed that the bill doesn't cost a cent but does recognize the rich cultural history, sacrifices and contributions of the first residents in our nation.

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