Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nearly 400 new jobs coming to Washington through DOE grants

The Washington state Department of Ecology estimates that approximately 393 jobs will be created in Washington through the Coordinated Prevention Grants program.

Cut-away of a compost bin
Photo credit: BruceMcAdam
The department awarded $18.8 million to 95 city and county governments through this environmental protection program. Every two years, these grants are awarded to help Washington’s communities better manage solid and household wastes, prevent illegal dumping, and to promote recycling and composting programs.

You may remember this blog post and that composting is a great alternative to burning household organic waste, which releases toxic particles into the air.

The funding for these grants comes from an initiative passed by Washington residents in 1988, which taxes wholesale distributors of petroleum and other hazardous materials. The Legislature approved $18.8 million to be used for these grants.

The local governments receiving the grants are required to match the grant amount by 25%, which the Dept. of Ecology estimates will leverage more than $25 million to support local programs.

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