Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attention, all you Civics Enthusiasts who been missin' your legislative ins and outs

Yo. It's been weeks since that final gavel banged the 2012 Washington State Legislature into adjournment. And yes, your friendly neighborhood HDC Advance here knows very good and well that you're wanting -- jonesing, fact is, like nobody's business -- a sweet hit of State Government Talk. Well, jones no more.

The House of Representatives Office of Program Research has just now released the final Sine Die report. This fetching, in-depth chronicle covers legislation taken up in the 2012 Regular Session as well as the 1st & 2nd Special Sessions. Shucks, this thing even has state-legislative stuff from the 2011 2nd Special Session that went down, as you might recall, late last year. Word!

So, and in conclusion, you really need to check out this enlightening publication. Check it out if, that is, these are the sorts of numbers that get your motor running:
  • 1,271 - Bills introduced in the 2012 Regular Session
  • 262 - Bills passed in the 2012 Regular Session
  • 29 - Bills introduced in the 1st & and Special Sessions
  • 17 - Bills passed in the 1st & and Special Sessions
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