Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And the Cammy goes to...

While we may not have a huge theater and a red carpet like they do in Hollywood for big screen stars to celebrate their glamorous Academy Award Ceremony, we do have starlets of our own and they get awards, too. 
Last night during the TVW Annual Gala held at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Rep. Tina Orwall won a Cammy for her reaction to a technology malfunction when she was presiding as Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore over the House Floor on February 1, 2012.
Watch the clip right here:

“As if presiding weren’t already a bit nerve-wracking because you’re there with your peers sitting in front of you, visitors up in the galleries and a TV camera watching your every move, when suddenly there are technical difficulties and all you can do is shrug, laugh a little and move on,” said the Des Moines Democrat about the mishap that won her one of this year’s Cammys. “But I am happy to receive this award. It will serve as a reminder that even though we’re facing very tough decisions this session, there was also a little room for comic relief.”
Orwall is no stranger to the rostrum; she did a great job the first time she took the gavel back in April 2009, and was named Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore in January 2011.
 “The annual TVW Gala is an evening where everyone in the legislative community can come together for a night of entertainment, laughter and fun.  The presentation of the Cammy Awards is always a highlight of the event and we congratulate Rep. Tina Orwall as a well-deserved honoree this year,” said Greg Lane, President of TVW.
TVW has been presenting a handful of the coveted Cammy Awards each year since 2003. Cammy Award nominations are selected by the TVW production staff and then voted upon by the guests at the TVW Gala. The Cammys recognize some of the most unusual, humorous or embarrassing moments from committee hearings or floor action covered by Washington state’s public affairs station. 
You can watch all of the February 1 Floor action on TVW by clicking here.

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