Thursday, January 12, 2012

Need a tow? That’ll cost you! Or will it?

The newest member of the HDC is wasting no time getting to work this legislative session!
Rep. Gerry Pollet has introduced an important consumer protection measure in House Bill 2372.

HB 2372 would authorize the Utilities and Transportation Commission to place a $250 cap on towing fees for those who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of having their vehicle impounded. The bill does stipulate that the owner must reclaim their vehicle within 24 hours of the tow.

Adding another layer of protection, Rep. Pollet’s bill requires that towing companies disclose their rates in writing for those requesting a lift. 

In a series of pieces last month, Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat highlighted the problem of excessive towing charges in the Seattle area. Danny found examples of towing companies charging upwards of $1,400 per impound. Take a look at his columns here, here and here!

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