Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Concierge Care Advisors group salutes Moeller's work for senior citizens

Guarding safety and security for senior citizens and other vulnerable people should always be Mission No. 1. That undertaking is followed in terms of importance very closely by the writing of strong reporting and accountability standards for agencies and caregivers.

Admirable goals and objectives, both of these missions. In fact, state Rep. Jim Moeller for many years has led House Democrats in championing these very goals and objectives for communities all across the Evergreen State. Just recently, the elder placement and referral agency Concierge Care Advisors (CCA) saluted Moeller's work and commitment with a "Best of 2011 Award."

“Representative Moeller is truly remarkable in his ability to reach out to all stakeholders, including opponents of active legislation,” said Marc Lilly, who is the CCA CEO and co-founder. “(He) innovatively listens, but also remains true to his goal of security and safety for senior citizens."

Moeller is Speaker Pro-Tempore of the Washington State House of Representatives and a member of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee. He prime-sponsored legislation last session that, among other important new directions, calls for higher standards in recordkeeping, disclosure statements, and intake forms. In its press release touting the 49th District lawmaker's Olympian exertion, the CCA emphasized that Moeller "worked with stakeholders, including opponents, to gain passage of the first-in-the-nation legislation that regulated placement and referral agencies.

"A health-care professional himself," the CCA release continues, "Representative Moeller aggressively pursues long-term-care issues, particularly those that impact the safety and security of vulnerable adults. He was instrumental in pursuing solutions to slow or
inadequate investigations of abuse and neglect by various state departments, as well as seeking greater accountability and reporting."

"I'm grateful and honored to receive this recognition from people who themselves truly care, truly go out of their way to emphasize health and safety in the lives of all-too-often-forgotten citizens," Moeller said. “The majority of referral agencies do a good job matching senior citizens with appropriate services. Fortunately most of the time, there’s no problem at all. But yes, there are those agencies that fall short of meeting their responsibilities. And all too frequently, their shortcomings endanger the health and well-being of folks who can't fend for themselves very well, if at all.”

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