Friday, January 16, 2009

What's hot in the House next week?

Usual disclaimer: plans are made to be broken so committee schedules are subject to change. Usually at the last minute. But for now, here's a preview of next week's interesting committee activities.

Monday 1/19/09

1:30pm in Human Services
Public Hearing: HB 1076 – Allowing crime victims to submit input to the Department of Corrections regarding an offender’s placement in work release.

3:30pm in Capital Budget
Public Hearing/Possible Executive Session: HB 1113 – Financing the school construction assistance program (2009 Supplemental Capital Budget for K-12)

6:30pm in Education
Work Session: Achievement Gap Studies

1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Tribute.
2. Background of Achievement Gap Studies.
3. African American Students: Center for the Improvement of Student Learning.
4. Asian American Students: Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs.
5. Pacific Islander American Students: Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs.
6. Native American Students: Governor’s Office on Indian Affairs.
7. Hispanic American Students: Commission on Hispanic Affairs.

Tuesday 1/20/09

1:30pm in State Government & Tribal Affairs
Public Hearing: HB 1024 – Designating Aplets and Cotlets as the state candy. (OK, so this isn’t really all THAT hot, but we thought you’d be interested anyway…)

3:30pm in Capital Budget
Work Session: Joint Legislative Task Force on School Construction Funding briefing.

Wednesday 1/21/09

1:30pm in Environment Health
Public Hearings:
HB 1165 – Providing for the safe collection and disposal of unwanted drugs from residential sources through a producer provided and funded product stewardship program.
HB 1180 – Regarding the use of bisphenol A (this is the baby-bottle bill).

6:00pm in Health and Human Services Appropriations
Work Session:
1. Overview of the Health Care Authority Base Budget
2. Overview of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Base Budget
3. Overview of the Vocational Rehabilitation (DSHS) Base Budget
4. Overview of the Labor & Industries Base Budget

Work Session: Overview of the Sentencing Guidelines Commission and its 2009 proposed legislation.

Thursday 1/22/09

8:00am in Agriculture & Natural Resources
Public Hearings:
HB 1114 – Regarding youth hunting privileges.

HB 1116 – Requiring visible clothing while recreating in a mixed-use area during hunting season.

10:00am in Community & Economic Development & Trade
Work Session: The Governor’s 2009 Economic Stimulus Strategy.

10:00am in Human Services
Work Session: General Assistance-Unemployable: In-depth look at services and resources.

10:00am in Technology, Energy & Communications
Public Hearing: HB 1005 – Requiring a commercial web site that collects personally identifiable information to post a privacy policy.

1:30pm in General Government Appropriations
Work Session: Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development – Agency overview and review of the Governor’s Biennial and Supplemental Budget Proposals.

1:30pm in Health & Human Services Appropriations
Work Session:
1. Overview of the Children and Family Services (DSHS) Base Budget.
2. Overview of the Governor’s Proposed 09-11 Budget for the Department of Social and Health Services.

Friday 1/23/09

8:00am in Commerce & Labor
Public Hearing: HB 1055 – Requiring workers to have licenses, certificates, or permits in their possession when performing work in certain construction trades.

8:00am in Ecology & Parks
Work Session: Western Climate Initiative (WCI) overview & recommendations.

8:00am in Higher Education
Work Session: Matching workforce supply and demand in high demand occupations.

1:30pm in Finance
Work Session: Review of Economic and Revenue Forecasting Models; Dr. Arun Raha, Executive Director, Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council.