Monday, January 12, 2009

Speaker Chopp to House members: “let's keep our eyes on the horizon”

Representative Frank Chopp was re-elected Speaker of the Washington State House this afternoon. In his acceptance speech, Chopp paid respects to his old friend, Rep. Bill Grant, who passed away last week. Acknowledging the sadness that hung over the legislature, he urged his fellow members to remember Grant’s commitment to “One Washington”: a philosophy “that looks at the needs all across the state, works to unify our people, and to move everyone in Washington forward.”

He also reminded them that while the economic situation in our state is very serious, we must keep focused on the future.

“We have to be very careful this year not to let a budget problem rob us of our vision and values,” he said. “We can choose to react to this economic downturn by shrinking our hopes for our state, or we can keep our eyes on the horizon and direct our attention and resources to what is truly important.”

For full text: Text of Speaker Chopp's acceptance speech