Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adding capacity to the health care system

In coming years, Washington state’s health care providers will see an influx of new patients through both the expansion of the Medicaid program and the establishment of Washington Healthplanfinder – our state’s online health insurance exchange.

Today, the House of Representatives took action to make sure that our health care system is ready for this boom in business. From registered nurses to denturists, the bills approved will ensure that every Washingtonian has access to the provider they need.

A few of the capacity-improving measures include:

• HB 1155: will remove administrative barriers to patient care and support the transition to electronic care by allowing prescriptions to be issued electronically – promoting both safety and efficiency.
• HB 1271: will expand the types of services a licensed denturist may provide to include certain non-orthodontic removable oral devices – like sport mouth guards, bruxism devices and snoring devices.
• HB 1660: will streamline the administrative process for colleges and providers. By reducing unnecessary paperwork, we can train nurses and doctors in a more efficient and timely manner.
• HB 1538: willimprove access to critical prescription drugs at convenient locations around the state.

There is still a lot of heavy-lifting ahead in the health care arena this session, and the House will consider another package of health-related bills next week.

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