Thursday, February 14, 2013

Washington students can attend a "Capitol Classroom"

Representative John McCoy recently appeared on a new TVW program called Capitol Classroom. The TVW program included a discussion of an important legislative proposal advanced in McCoy's House Bill 1107, which concerns children of military parents.

Capitol Classroom is a new educational program broadcast by TVW, our state's public-affairs network that was founded in 1993. The program allows students to personally join in the legislative process by way of these video connections. Young people communicate directly with the lobbyists who testify in committee hearings on their behalf for legislation that the students have selected. The young men and women involved in the program also hear perspectives from:

  • Bill sponsors, such as McCoy.
  • Other bill proponents, as well as opponents.
  • And their local legislators.

The bill reviewed on the latest episode of Capitol classroom has received a public hearing, and is awaiting a vote in the House Judiciary Committee. McCoy's bipartisan measure concerns residential provisions for children of parents who have military duties. He wants to make it less cumbersome for military parents to seek delegation of residential time with their children when they are on a temporary-duty assignment that involves being away more than one night during scheduled residential time or visitation.

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