Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet the new member: Rep. Monica Stonier

Continuing with our "Meet the new member" series, we sat down with Rep. Monica Stonier this week. Monica was elected to the House of Representatives Pos. 1 seat last November, which was vacated by former representative Tim Probst.
Monica is a wife of 11 years, mother of two young children, and an educator at Pacific Middle School in Vancouver.
Borrowing from a great bit by James Lipton, we asked Monica ten questions that she'll likely never be asked again in a political setting.
What is your favorite word/phrase? Resonate
What is your least favorite word/phrase? "No offense, but…"
If you could spend 30 minutes with any famous person from history, who would that be? Billie Holiday
If we looked at your iPod, which song would have the most plays? The Ghost of Johnny Cash by Shawn Mullins
What song is your guilty pleasure? Bust A Move by Young MC
Who is your favorite TV character and why? Frasier Crane because he's quirky and internally conflicted
What job would you be doing if you weren't in politics or education? Probably running a community youth center
Which world leader do you admire most? Abraham Lincoln because he was a moderate in a swing state who put doing what was right before politics
In five words or less, how do you want to be remembered? Someone who makes hours count
After a few weeks as a lawmaker, name one part of this job that was completely unexpected? The incredibly high caliber of staff

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