Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Connecting Washington – 2013 Transportation Package Unveiled

Rep. Judy Clibborn takes questions from the press
House Transportation committee Chair Judy Clibborn (D-Mercer Island) and members of the committee rolled out the details of the Connecting Washington transportation package, which would fund nearly $10 billion in transportation projects across the state.

In a press conference this afternoon, legislators and supporters from prominent business, labor, and environmental groups emphasized the role the package would play in growing Washington’s economy.

Rep. Clibborn noted that the proposal is the "starting point" of the discussion about how to fund critical transportation projects across the state, but that, "If we do nothing, we will watch [our transportation infrastructure] crumble."

Here is what the Connecting Washington package would accomplish:
  • Protect existing infrastructure through maintenance and operation work, road repairs, and funding to city and county governments to address local needs
  • Invest in new transportation projects  that reduce congestion and improve safety in every corner of the state
  • Improve freight mobility to help businesses move products to market more efficiently and affordably
  • Fully fund the Washington State Patrol to ensure our highways are safe and well taken care of
  • Provide transportation choices by empowering local and regional transit agencies, investing the bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, and stabilizing the Washington State Ferry System
A hearing on the Connecting Washington Package is expected early next week in the House Transportation Committee.

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