Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet the new member: Gael Tarleton

This year the HDC welcomed nine new members- and one familiar face- to the House of Representatives. The newly-minted lawmakers come to us from across the state and bring a wide variety of valuable experience to Olympia.
In an effort to better acquaint our readers with the newest faces around town, we’ll be rolling out a series of “Meet the New Member” posts in coming weeks. First to step up to the plate: Representative Gael Tarleton of the 36th legislative district.
Gael comes to the HDC from the Port of Seattle, where she served as a commissioner since 2007. Gael also works as a strategic advisor for the Institute for National Security Education and Research at the University of Washington.
She began her career as a senior defense intelligence analyst for the Pentagon, working on security issues affecting ports across the country and other critical facilities. After a decade working at the Pentagon, Gael ran two international subsidiaries of a Fortune 500 company in Russia.
Gael took some time this week to answer some of our most pressing of questions:
  • HDC: Is there a moment, or an image, you’ll remember from your first day as a lawmaker?
  • GT: Taking the oath of office and then immediately getting to work in our committees on behalf of the people.
  • HDC: If you could be any West Wing character, who would it be?
  • GT: Always sympathized with CJ – she knew how to deliver the bad news and to help families deal with bureaucrats.
  • HDC: The House and Senate are interesting places with their own language. Which words and phrases baffled you until somebody explained them -- are you itching to drop a few bills in the Hopper, carpet bomb a senate bill with amendments on second reading and push the nuclear button by moving to the Eighth Order of Business?
  • GT: Never heard a military reference I didn’t understand J - but the difference between “blue slips” and “pink slips” still not clear.
  • HDC: What inspired you to run for office?
  • GT: To help create a more sustainable, fair economy and livable neighborhoods
Another fun fact about Rep. Tarleton- She was the youngest person ever to receive in public the Director of Central Intelligence’s “National Intelligence Medal of Achievement” for recognition of her exceptional contributions to protecting vital national interests.
Welcome to the House, Rep. Tarleton! We look forward to your exceptional contributions here in Olympia.
Rep. Tarleton and Sen. Nick Harper check out the new voting system in the House ahead of Gov. Jay Inslee's inaugural address

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