Monday, June 25, 2012

Washington called 'enterprising': Folks in the know say we're gonna go 'Boom!'

Photo: Jeff McNeill via Wikimedia Commons 
A recent Seattle Post-Intelligencer article, Washington captures Top 10 ranking, trumpets news that our very own Evergreen State is one of "10 states that will [wait for it!] boom over the next five years."

That's right, folks: No sooner is the ink dry on an admiring certificate celebrating Washington's status as a Job Creator (see this recent HDC Advance blog: Who says Washington is a top state for producing jobs?), then along comes the National Chamber Foundation, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce think tank, with its Enterprising States Report hailing us at No. 6 on a most-laudable list -- indeed, it's a truly estimable cast and compilation of what these erudite think-tankers call "enterprising states." Yes!

No less a periodical than the redoubtable Forbes magazine says Washington's glowing marks owe to our robust aerospace and technology industries and our hearty standing in foreign trade. The widely quoted publication has previously ranked Washington among the five best states in the entire country to do business.

Go ahead, take a minute or two to check the Chamber Foundation's report linked up there a few lines back. You'll see for yourself these sterling qualities that captured the fancy of these observers long enough for them to single us out: productivity, livability, tax structure, trade, infrastructure, and an environment that encourages innovation. Only the most rebarbative of critics would dare question Washington's place among the top rank, the highest order of business-friendly states.

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