Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quelling swelling rate of opioid addiction

Maybe we're climbing out of a nightmare. Just maybe we're leaving the hellacious plague that is the falling into the wrong hands and showing up on the wrong agenda of painkilling drugs. Yes, as Sisyphean an undertaking as the casual observer might mock it out to be, the hard work of combating prescription-painkiller abuse is indeed showing some trace of triumph. So notes a recent Olympian newspaper editorial (Encouraging signs opioid overdose rate is on the decline, 5/29/2012).

Ladies and gentlemen, here please to partake of, if you will, a little back story.

The time, winter 2010. The place, Olympia. The setting, that year’s legislative session. A successful measure I prime-sponsored directed five statewide organizations to adopt new rules on chronic, non-cancer pain management.

Here's the op-ed, in its entirety.

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