Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alphabet soup to nuts

“Jay-lark:” Is it a hybrid variety of bird life, an avian equivalent of the cockapoo? Or maybe a description of a good-times ramble by a beloved, bald, former power-hitting outfielder for the Mariners now hawking trucks on the radio?
Nope, it’s neither one of those things. Jay-lark is just the way state-government types pronounce JLARC, the acronym for the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. And that committee stays busy all summer long; in fact, it meets monthly pretty much whenever the Legislature isn’t actually in session. The June meeting is coming up on Wednesday the 20th.
JLARC “works to make state government operations more effective, efficient and accountable,” the committee web site says. It pursues that mission by conducting performance audits, program evaluations and other reviews as directed by the Legislature. It regularly issues reports on its work.
Much of what the committee recommends concerns improving data collection and performance measurements to guide state agencies in boosting efficiency. But it can also call for more concrete actions, such as the suggestion that the Department of Natural Resources could trim its fleet of firefighting helicopters without compromising its role in fighting forest fires – a money-saving proposal that was put into effect.
As a joint committee, JLARC includes senators and representatives, Democrats and Republicans. Current members of the House Democratic Caucus on the committee are Kathy Haigh of Shelton, Troy Kelley of Tacoma and Mark Miloscia of Federal Way.
To learn more about JLARC, visit its web site by clicking here.

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