Monday, May 14, 2012

$68 million in local grants to create jobs and protect the environment

As part of the new Jobs Act passed by the Legislature, the state awarded $68 million in grants for 117 stormwater construction projects around Washington, according to the Department of Ecology.
An estimated 400 jobs will be created for the work, which is designed to protect lakes, rivers and the Puget Sound.

Here’s a link to details about those 117 projects:

According to Ecology, pollution in stormwater runoff is the “biggest threat to waters in our state’s most populated areas. Runoff from hardened surfaces picks up chemicals and bacteria and carries it downstream into our lakes, rivers and into Puget Sound. Most of the time, stormwater is not treated, even when it goes into a street drain.”

Ecology also got a quote from Gov. Chris Gregoire, who said, “Our local governments are financially strapped, and I’m proud that our state can provide this funding. This money will give communities new jobs, cleaner water, and much-needed help for following stormwater permit requirements.”

Links to more information:

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