Friday, April 6, 2012

Never say never

Rep. Dickerson with granddaughter
on Children's Day
Never call a Mary Lou Dickerson bill “dead” until the final gavel falls.  Such was the lesson taught, yet again, by the Friday afternoon House passage of the Toxic-Free Kids Act (House Bill 2821).

If the Senate follows suit, Washington could soon become the first state in the nation to ban children’s products made with a toxic flame-retardant known as “TRIS.”  With apologies to the cereal ads, “TRIS is not for kids.”

Concerned moms and dads joined experts ranging from nurses and doctors to firefighters in calling for the ban, because TRIS has been linked to cancer and other health problems—and the biggest risks are to the youngest kids. What is more, there are plenty of safe alternatives to TRIS.

Mary Lou and House Democrats are no strangers to leading the nation on children’s safety.  Our Children's Safe Products Act of 2008, was the first state law in the nation to ban lead, cadmium and nasty phthalates in toys and other children's products—but Congress soon followed our lead by passing the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act to regulate lead and phthalates in toys.

Will the Senate join the House in passing the Toxic-Free Kids Act before the special session ends? Stay tuned... 

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