Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lawmaker reaching out to keep in touch with citizens

Heads up, good people of the 49th Legislative District. Tuesday night, May 1: Put your lucky pants or pantsuit on, set the dog/cat up with a good chew toy, and keep your phone handy. Thousands of folks in Vancouver and the surrounding Clark County communities are encouraged to join in the civic fun of a Telephone Town Hall.

That's right. You read right. State Rep. Jim Moeller is hosting an hour-long tele-forum that evening from 6 to 7. Moeller and the 146 other lawmakers just recently wrapped up the 2012 legislative session. The May 1 event is a grand chance for citizens to engage Moeller in a frank conversation about what in the world is going on in the state of Washington.

Shortly before 6 o’clock the night of May 1, thousands of 49th District citizens will receive telephone calls inviting them to stay on the line and participate in the tele-Town Hall. People who want to join in will be given simple, down-to-earth instructions on what to do. Oh, wait! What if you're a 49th Legislative District resident and you want to join in but you don't get the call between 5:45 and 6 Tuesday night, May 1? In that case, simply call this toll-free telephone number directly, 1-877-229-8493, and then enter PIN code No. 18646 when prompted. And you'll be in!

Moeller emphasized that citizens should always feel free to contact him whenever they want to ask a question and/or share an opinion.