Monday, April 30, 2012

Last chance to dig razor clams until the fall!

Photo credit: Lobo
Razor clams on the beach at Twin Harbors have been deemed safe to eat following a round of marine toxin tests, announced the Department of Fish and Wildlife. However, please remember that all other Washington beaches are still closed to razor clam digging.

Interested in joining the dig? Come out to Twin Harbors on May 5 through 7 to join fellow clam lovers on the beach. Digging will take place during low tide as follows:

  • May 5, Saturday  –  6:32AM, -1.5 feet
  • May 6, Sunday  –  7:19AM, -2.1 feet
  • May 7, Monday  –  8:07AM, -2.3 feet

Show up about an hour or two prior to low tide – this is the only beach open for razor clam digging and there will more than likely be a crowd.

Here are some handy rules to keep in mind:
  • Diggers are allowed by law to take up to 15 clams/day and are required to keep the first 15 they dig
  • Each digger’s clams must be in separate containers
  • A valid 2012-13 fishing license is required to participate, except individuals under 15 years of age, who may fish for free

Click here to purchase a fishing license. For more information about the dig, click here.

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