Friday, March 16, 2012

Worker deaths hit historic lows

The number of people dying due to workplace injuries hit an all-time low in Washington state during 2011 – despite our state having a higher population than ever before.

The Department of Labor and Industries says 51 workers died on the job last year.

While even one death is a tragedy for the worker and family members left behind, businesses and the state have worked hard on improving safety. Thankfully, worker safety is better.
Photo credit: Hazard_general

A total of 51 deaths is far less than the historical average of 80 to 90 work-related deaths per year. It’s much better than even the previous low of 65 worker deaths, back in 2009.

The most dangerous jobs are typically those in farming, forestry, fishing, manufacturing and construction.

Want more? You can read the full Labor and Industry report here, via the series of tubes.

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