Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bipartisan tributes to Reps. Dickerson, Finn, and Gutièrrez Kenney

Three retiring members of the House Democratic Caucus were honored this morning with resolutions on the House floor.
Representatives Mary Lou Dickerson, Fred Finn, and Phyllis Gutièrrez Kenney are all retiring at the end of their terms this year.  As is the tradition in the House, the three were each called up individually to the rostrum as their resolution was read in full, after which House members from both sides of the aisle rose to say additional words of praise and share stories – and humorous anecdotes – about them.
Rep. Dickerson has served in the House since 1994, and currently chairs the Health & Human Services Appropriations & Oversight committee.  She represents Seattle’s 36th Legislative District. In a floor tribute from Republican Rep. Norm Johnson, he mentioned Rep. Dickerson’s 2008 receipt of the “Smackdown Award” from Fuse for her efforts to keep toxic chemicals out of children’s toys and products. The resolution honoring Rep. Dickerson can be found here
Rep. Finn came to the House in 2009 to represent the 35th Legislative District.  He serves as vice-chair of the Community & Economic Development & Housing committee.  His House colleagues were likely surprised to learn today that in the 1960’s and 70’s, Rep. Finn was a member of a rock-and-roll band called The Routemen.  The band even performed at the 1965 World’s Fair.  The resolution honoring Rep. Finn can be found here.

Rep. Gutièrrez Kenney first came to the House in 1997, and chairs the Community Development & Housing committee.  She represents Seattle’s 46th Legislative District.  Fellow Seattle lawmaker Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos noted in her tribute this morning that Rep. Gutièrrez Kenney is a cancer survivor. A recent HDC Advance post about her retirement announcement can be read here, and the resolution honoring her can be read in full here.

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