Friday, February 17, 2012

Reps. Morris and Lytton help out a local business

In the flurry of activity earlier this week you may have missed that the House of Representatives unanimously approved House Bill 2179, which will give city councils the responsibility to review liquor license applications.
The measure was introduced by 40th Legislative District Representatives Jeff Morris and Kris Lytton after a small family business in Mount Vernon was denied a liquor license by the city’s then-mayor for no clear reason.

Hearing of the incident, Rep. Morris wrote to our state’s Liquor Control Board and asked them to reverse the mayor’s decision. The mayor eventually changed his mind and Rep. Morris began working with Rep. Lytton to ensure that this wouldn’t happen to another business in Washington. 

“Liquor license applications should always be reviewed at the local level, but there is a huge risk for abuse when your rest this authority with one person,” said Morris. “These changes ensure that the process is democratic and fair.” 

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration, and you can track its progress here.

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